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Support the Alliance for Literacy
'Hooked on Books' campaign
...Reel kids into reading

The Alliance for Literacy is a group of students, teachers, schools, libraries, local organizations and businesses working together to get kids hooked on books. Too many children in our community fail to learn to read proficiently in the early grades. If reading remains difficult, students do not read independently and lack the hours of practice needed for mastery.

Our goal: To create incentives that get kids hooked on reading and to get the whole community supporting literacy. This campaign is reaching out to every school in Santa Fe County and has already reached over 1,000 children!

You can support literacy in Santa Fe by making a donation or sponsoring a bookshelf.

Make a Donation to the Alliance for Literacy: 100% of your donation goes directly towards providing books, tutoring services and prizes for reading competitions. You can also choose to donate a prize or prizes for a campaign reading competition i.e. bookstore gift certificates, books, iPad, iPod, e readers, gift cards, laptop, scooter, skateboard.

Pulitzer Prize - Donations $1,000 or more
Benefits of partnership include:

National Bestseller - Donation $500-$999
Benefits of partnership include:

First Edition - Donation $50 - $499
Benefits of partnership include:

Sponsor a Bookshelf & Advertise Your Business:
Free-access bookshelves will be placed in prominent locations where families wait with their children, such as:

Bookshelf Sponsorship -one calendar year, 2013:

Each bookcase will have an 18'' x 5'' sign with your business name, and contact information in the following manner (you can also add your website and logo):
Proud Sponsor of the Alliance for Literacy
Bee Hive Books

Please send your contributions to:
SFSAS /Alliance for Literacy
c/o Santa Fe School for the Arts & Sciences
5912 Jaguar Drive, Santa Fe, NM 87507

Contact Rayna Dineen at (505)438-8585 or [email protected]. Visit our website for more information.