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Hooked on Books
Donations Needed!

Support the Alliance for Literacy
& donate a book today!

The Alliance for Literacy is a partnership between schools, libraries, local businesses and organizations working together to increase literacy in Santa Fe and get kids hooked on reading.

Students are empowering their peers to take charge of their own education by increasing time spent reading through the use of contests, book exchanges and tutoring.

Students from Santa Fe School for the Arts & Sciences began this initiative which has expanded to include student leaders from each school they visit. There are middle and high school students from Capital High, Monte del Sol, ATC, New Mexico School for the Arts, Santa Fe High School, Desert Academy, and Santa Fe Prep who are working on the "Youth United" steering committee and taking charge of this initiative. Students have named the campaign, created a slogan and logo, and are creating each part of the campaign. Students felt that if they created a wave of positive peer pressure, friends could impress upon their friends that reading is something kids should want to do.

In addition to our monthly literacy contests, our student steering committee, Youth United, has placed free bookshelves all over town, in places where children often have to wait long hours with their parents. These bookshelves are located all over town, including, St. Vincent's hospital waiting room, Urgent Care, DMV Express and the southside DMV, GCCC, CYFD, the WIC County Health office and Arroyo Chamiso pediatric clinic. We appreciate your help in collecting books for our free bookswap shelves which encourage children to "take, borrow or donate" a book.

Visit our website, or call us at 505-438-8585. Drop us a line at [email protected]. All donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for supporting literacy in New Mexico!