Masquerade Ball Contest

1st-2nd Grade

1st: Jacquelyn Gorman
2nd: Romsemary Martha Jansens
3rd: Amy Valles and Annette Barraza
4th: Brian Melchor

3rd-4th Grade

Rowan Phillip Jansens and Marco Munoz
2nd: Ivy St. Claire and Niveditha Bala
3rd: Deedee Jansens and Mario Carraveo
4th: Sophie Nathanson and Chloe Sullivan
Honorable Mention: Lily Barker

5th-6th grade

1st: Yazmin Cintron and Joaquin Rodriquez
2nd: Jacklyn Simon and Ruby Potter
3rd: Jordan Lujan
4th : Keegan Brotton

Middle and High School

1st: Bailey Colfax
2nd: Zoe Standridge
3rd: Skye Franklin