Hooked on Bookmarks

There were 280 entries from 26 schools and the competition was tough!

Here are the winners of the Hooked on Books Contest 6.

All bookmarks were judged anonymously and the judges did not know the name of the student or their school during judging.

Participating schools: Cesar Chavez, Rio Grande, Salazar, Agua Fria, Acequia Madre, Wood Gormley, Ramirez Thomas, Eldorado, EJ Martinez, Atalaya, Alcalde, Turquoise Trail, Carlos Gilbert, Santa Clara Day School, Chaparral, Gonzalez, Sweeney, Nava, Ortiz, ATC, DeVargas, St. Mike's High School, Monte Del Sol, New Mexico School for the Deaf, Capital High and Santa Fe Prep.

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K-3rd grade

Winning Class (most entries): Ms. De Dios, 1st grade class at Salazar Elementary School

4-6th grade

7-9th Grade

10-12 Grade